Subsurface Utility Locating

We are setting ourselves apart from other local survey companies with stellar new pieces of technology. KFW is extremely excited to be the only San Antonio company with these innovative mahcines and accompanying software. We have 1 of the only 2 scanners in Texas!

Leica DS2000 Utility Detection Radar (UDR)

  • Sophisticated detection software unlocks access to underground information without ever having to disrupt the surface.
  • Scans & collects underground utility data with a dual-frequency antenna to detect deep and shallow matter simultaneously.
  • Communicates the utility start & end points gathered from the site walk to new software we have at the office.

This progressive piece of machinery will further KFW's claim for Surveying services in the San Antonio market by providing a survey of existing utilities without having to break ground.


The UDR is a perfect fit for rural Texas land, but we did keep in mind that not all job sites are flat, open lots. Often times challenging site conditions can interfere with gathering utility data safely and in a timely manner. To solve that issue, KFW has also acquired:


ULTRA Utility Tracing System (UTS)

  • Specializes in precision location.
  • Shaped like a wand to easily navigate complex obstacles.
  • Hand-held option enables the field crew to scan smaller spaces, with even more frequency options to penetrate under and over obstructions.
  • Adapts to congested environments by differentiating between noise and the frequencies emitted from the utility lines.

With this precision scanner, there will be no question as to what lies underground at your next job site.


We pride ourselves in being a technology driven firm by selecting the best and newest instruments available to amp up productivity, precision, and client satisfaction.