Scanning Services

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Our Survey Department offers a robust array of 3D Laser Scanning services that separate us from other local firms.


  • Spatial data collection tool
  • Produces 3D data & HDR imaging
  • Creates color point cloud renderings of your project
  • Reduces time spent on-site by 50 - 70%
  • Assists with quality assurance by identifying deviations from design before they impact your project's schedule & budget
  • Can record concrete flatness, as-is conditions, etc.


High, low, pitch black, or hard to reach - this scanner captures all of the detailed areas and tight spaces your project may have.

  • Full 360-degree scan in under four (4) minutes
  • Gathers exact measurements in tight spaces
  • Eliminates 'noise' such as pedestrians or passing cars to provide a clearer image
  • Instant rendering optimizes time and data collection in the field
  • Cyclone software can stitch together BLK360 scan with P40 scan for highly detailed project rendering
  • Excellent for hard-to-reach spaces:


·         Industrial, Commercial, and Urban buildings

·         Above & below pipeline structures

·         Water filtration tank rooms

·         Tightly spaced closets and enclaves

·         Narrow geological features

·         Spaces too small to set up larger equipment



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