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A Day in the Life of a Professional Engineer


Today, there are about 62,000 engineers who currently hold a PE license in Texas. You may find yourself knowing an electrical, mechanical, chemical, or, the most concrete field, a civil engineer. At KFW's civil land development firm, our Commercial, Residential, and Public Infrastructure departments consist of Interns, Engineers in Training (EITs), and Professional Engineers (PEs). Here we highlight our commercial department and provide insight into what a Professional Engineer's day consists of.

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Megan Smith - Employee Spotlight


Self-referred to as a "Navy Brat", Megan Smith grew up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast then journeyed to Amarillo, TX where she stayed for the next ten years. Although loving her home, Megan her finance, Beaux, and 13-year-old daughter, Meredith, moved to San Antonio. Megan started with KFW in 2020 as the receptionist and has since exemplified her dedication to the company. She now works in KFW's Human Resources Department and hopes to stay with KFW indefinitely while she resides in her new "forever home".

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Andrew Serna - Employee Spotlight


Before college, Andrew Serna had the mindset of becoming a structural engineer. However, upon discovering the land development world, Andrew grew a greater appreciation for civil engineering. As a result, Andrew graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2021. While finishing his degree, he first heard about KFW from a school friend who had nothing but great things to say. As a fresh engineer, Andrew enjoys soaking up as much information as possible throughout his journey.

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2021 - A Year in Review


2021 was a monumental year of growth for KFW as we celebrated our 15th anniversary. As we reflect on this past year, we are grateful for our industry and client relationships, the progress we have made in the land development industry, and the development of our nonprofit, which had stretched our charitable goals even further. KFW honors the men and women who make up the genuine, ambitious, kind, and hardworking company culture that carried us towards our various achievements in 2021. We anticipate even more remarkable accomplishments for 2022

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Mike Glenn - Employee Spotlight


Motivated to make a career change, Mike Glenn decided to head back to college to explore the world of civil engineering. Mike heard great things from several friends about KFW and decided to join the team when given the opportunity. Mike enjoys the versatile, interesting, and fun aspects of the company.

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