The Dirt at KFW

Taylor Beecher - Employee Spotlight!


Taylor was introduced to KFW through a staffing agency that spoke very highly of the company in February 2021. She was excited at the opportunity to work with what sounded like such a great opportunity. After starting in reception, Taylor quickly saw that KFW lived up to its reputation and hopes to stay, grow, & eventually join the marketing team.

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Happy CAD Day!


What is Auto CAD?

Computer-aided design, commonly known as Auto CAD, is a computer-aided tool that allows many different types of designers to create diverse drawings and designs. AutoCAD can create any 2D drawing and 3D model or construction that can be drawn by hand, in a fraction of the time thanks to its quick and easy design features.

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Topher Mendoza - Employee Spotlight!


Topher was recommended to apply at KFW by his dear friend Ashlee Davison, EIT. After hearing about the positive environment, Topher "HAD to apply here." Previously an Engineering Tech, Topher decided to change career paths from engineering to surveying after meeting Rey Vanegas and Teresa Seidel, RPLS, for KFW Surveying.

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