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American Heart Association

Heart & Stroke Walk

KFW sponsors and fundraises for the the American Heart Association’s (AHA) Heart & Stroke Walk. This event is a nationwide 5k fundraiser to raise awareness of stroke & heart disease. KFW’s Business Development Manager, Erin Salinas, has been on the AHA Executive Leadership Team for this event since 2017. Sponsoring this event provides a great opportunity for our Engineers to learn more about heart health, stroke awareness, and lifestyle habits for having a healthy heart.

STEM Goes Red

STEM Goes Red is part of the AHA’s Go Red for Women campaign and focuses on our community’s young women, students. This year-long mentorship program that matches young women interested in STEM careers with female mentors working in the STEM industry. This program is an excellent way to directly give back and contribute focused time to individuals in our community. This mentorship opportunity is extremely beneficial to our Engineers because they get to lead by example and form a relationship with an up-and-coming STEM professional.