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Texas Surveyor Magazine Highlights KFW's Teresa Seidel

The Texas Surveyor magazine celebrated women in Surveying in their March 2019 issue. KFW Surveying Partner, Teresa Seidel, was highlighted as one of the few women in the Surveying field. Click below to check out her article spotlight.


"After drafting for a civil engineering firm, I figured out that getting my surveyors license was a shorter path to success than getting my engineering license, so I changed directions. Soon after, I learned that Surveying or similar work has been a part of my family through the generations. I have always liked solving the boundaries of tracts of land and learning it's history. Land Surveying is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. I decided to become a Registered Professional Land Surveyor (RPLS) in December of 2002. Needless to say, there were not many of us at that time, and female representation was far and few in-between.

Working with the owners of KFW Engineers, I opened up KFW Surveying , LLC in 2008 as the Vice President. I worked hard to grow the company, and pushed to become a Partner in 2016. Today, we have 7 field crews and have recently added 2 additional RPLS's to the team. With this, our land surveying instruments have grown more complex, as well as the technology behind it, and I am proud to have remained a leader in this changing industry. Building this company has been worthwhile because it has provided me something to show for the years of experience that are behind me and my fellow RPLS's.

Female surveyors are important because the barriers in this industry can seem hard to break until someone you identify with leads by example. I experienced this first-hand because my family history paved a path for me in surveying. I went on to be the first female President of TSPS - Alamo Chapter, and was followed by a second female President. Current female Surveyors are carving space for future females in this industry, and neighboring industries, that chips away at the status quo of gender-dominated workplaces. Women leaders are breaking industry molds and normalizing females in Surveying. This will lead to further opportunities for women in Surveying because the path is steadily being paved under the feet of the successful women who came before them."

- Teresa Seidel, Partner of KFW Surveying