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KFW Awarded #6 Midsize Best Places To Work in San Antonio


KFW is extremely proud to have been ranked #6 Midsize Best Places To Work by the San Antonio Business Journal.

This award is all thanks to our employees. They took a poll, gave their honest opinions, and put us on top.

Naturally, we threw a party to celebrate.

Earning this award exemplifies one of the reasons KFW was created. The founders of KFW wanted to establish an environment that people actually enjoyed. Company culture at KFW thrives when management and employees come together to have a good time, and we have been making efforts toward that becoming a regular occurrence. Implementation of team-building outings, office-wide activities, and increased employee engagement work together to push the founders' dream of a booming culture one step further.

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It is an honor to see that our employees enjoy these efforts (along with appreciating our competitive employee benefits) enough to send anonymous surveys to the San Antonio Business Journal with positive feedback.


KFW Engineers & Surveying has created a great work environment for its employees. Being in a stressful career doesn't seem as stressful when you enjoy the work you do, receive the respect you deserve, and enjoy the people you work with. KFW is an overall great company to work for.  - Anonymous KFW Employee


To celebrate earning #6 in the Midsize category, we threw a party! Employees enjoyed smoothies and cake while the Managing Partners said a few words. Employees were also given KFW/BPTW beer steins and wine glasses to take home as a token of our appreciation.


Employee attitude toward the workplace environment remains important to KFW as our company grows.

The fun, encouraging, and lively culture we strive to maintain would not exist without our employee's participation and commitment. We sincerely appreciate our employees for coming together to earn this award for KFW, and more so, for cultivating a team that works hard, cares for each other, and makes the best of each day at KFW.