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Mike Richards Accepted into Leadership Lab

KFW would like to congratulate Mike Richards, P.E., on his acceptance into the North Chamber Leadership Lab’s 2017 class of participants!

 What is the Leadership Lab all about?

“The Leadership Lab helps you become a better leader by realizing everyone is different, and there’s different ways to treat different people and different personality types. It makes you more self-aware of your strengths and weaknesses to help you become a more balanced and well-rounded leader. In the beginning, you have to take two different personality tests and then pick a skill you want to improve on.”


Which skill did you choose to focus on?

“I chose to work on my interpersonal skills. I wanted to be more outgoing and get more comfortable talking with people I don’t know. Right now I kind of keep to myself, without being rude, but you know I would like to be more comfortable starting up a conversation.”


Frank is the only other KFW employee who has been through this program, did he influence you at all?

“Frank refused to tell me anything about the Lab! He said he wanted me to experience it for myself. He thought this would be a good fit for me so he made a recommendation to the partners and they encouraged me to apply.”


Do you have any goals for yourself after you’ve graduated from the program?

“Yeah definitely. The program is full of people who are at a threshold in their careers that, pretty soon, will be moving up to more leadership and management positions in their companies. For me, I will try to take what I learned and the people skills I’ve gained and try be a better leader within the company and a better leader in my community.”


 I chose to work on my interpersonal skills, to be more outgoing and get more comfortable talking with people I don't know. - Mike Richards

Congratulations, Mike, on your acceptance into the 2017 North Chamber Leadership Lab! KFW is happy to see you furthering your dedication to evolving as a well-balanced community leader.