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Jared Sanchez - Employee Spotlight


Jared Sanchez first heard of KFW Engineers & Surveying when volunteering at the annual UTSA Engineering BBQ Cook Off. Jared had recalled his interaction with KFW when it came time to submit applications for internships. Jared started his internship in February 2021, progressing to full-time in January 2022 after receiving his degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio. According to Jared, he immediately felt like a member of the KFW family, which speaks volumes about the kind of people and culture the company fosters.

Position: Graduate Engineer
Years at KFW: A little over a year and a half
Favorite part about working at KFW: The people and the company culture!

Why did you choose civil engineering?

Pursuing civil engineering was one of the more spontaneous decisions in my life. I initially began my college career as a health major with the intention of going to nursing school. About a week before a summer course in Anatomy and Physiology, I came to the realization that I had a slight fear of blood. After researching career paths on the UTSA website for a few hours, I found civil engineering to be a less-bloody alternative that still provided a way to impact the daily lives of others. In short, I changed my career path within the span of three hours - and I’m glad I did!

Before working at KFW, what was the most unusual or interesting job you've ever had?

I was a “Sno Technician” during high school at one of the first Bahama Bucks in San Antonio. The drive-thru line would wrap around the building and the inside was nearly always completely full; it’s still one of the most fast-paced environments I’ve ever worked in. Working there was a valuable experience because it taught me customer service skills, time management/efficiency, and accountability.

When you were younger, what was your dream job, and how does that compare now?

My earliest memories of my childhood were running around countless softball fields while my sisters were playing. I grew up watching them play softball from when they were in elementary all the way through college. Throughout that time I learned how to keep up with the scorebook, learned situational plays, and pretty much all of the ins and outs of the sport, so I thought I was destined to be a softball coach. I am nowhere near that career field now, but I still enjoy watching the sport whenever it’s on TV!

Any advice for aspiring civil engineers?

Get an internship and absorb anything and everything your coworkers tell/show you. All of the information thrown at you will feel overwhelming at first, but the pieces eventually come together.

Jared's co-workers at KFW said the following:

“Jared is a very dependable person and is great to work with.” ”
“Jared is on it! He jumps in to help whenever he senses someone is struggling. He is caring towards his teammates and produces quality work quickly. Jared is the best!” ”
“Jared is the ultimate team player. He is driven and proactive at what he does. In addition, he's very knowledgeable and responsive.” ”

A glimpse into Jared's life

One of Jared's hobbies includes playing and keeping up with tennis. Jared played tennis at a small D3 school for a year and a half before transferring to UTSA to focus on school. Fun fact: he has completed a bucket list item by attending this year’s US Open in New York!

Jared is also, a big coffee drinker and enjoys exploring local coffee shops in San Antonio and any city that he visits. It's been fun for him to learn about the different regions that produce coffee beans, and how washing or roasting the bean can alter the taste of coffee. His favorite coffee shop in San Antonio is Mila Coffee and is happy to report that they’ll be opening a brick-and-mortar in the Pearl area soon!

Jared recently joined F45 and enjoys the fun community that pushes people to do their best at all times.

Most of all, Jared looks up to his two older sisters and values quality time spent with family.

jared sanchez