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Kristin Heggy - Employee Spotlight


Originally from Houston, Kristin was introduced to the industry and KFW through a temp-to-hire agency, as she moved to San Antonio in 2010 after 6 months of a long-distance relationship with her now husband. Before that, she worked in accounting for the insurance agency, Nationwide, for 6 years.

As Office Manager at the KFW New Braunfels office, she handles all the building facilities and maintains vendor contracts, annual inspections, and office supplies. In addition, she is the point of contact for all non-engineering-related inquiries, whew! As the project coordinator for 3 separate teams, she organizes all the active and ongoing projects via a tracking spreadsheet and works closely with the project managers and teams on agency submittals to ensure KFW is hitting projected schedule dates.

Position: Office Manager & Project Coordinator
Years at KFW: 11 Years
Favorite part about working at KFW: Friendly & Family Oriented

What do you do in your current position, and what do you like most about it?

As office manager and project coordinator, I juggle many tasks on any given day. I enjoy multi-tasking and interacting with all levels of staff at the office, as well as communicating with clients and outside agencies. It certainly keeps me on my toes and makes the day fly by very fast! These positions have postured me for success in customer service both inside and outside our organization.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

Does being a wife and mother count? Just kidding, I love all things plants! They allow me to be creative and I really enjoy taking care of them and watching them thrive. It’s also a huge stress reliever and helps me feel connected with nature.

Any advice for aspiring professionals??

Absolutely! Change is necessary for growth, both in your personal and professional life. Learn to embrace it and go with the flow.

Do you have a favorite quote?

"Instead of positivity, let’s embrace honesty!" ~unknown

What is your goal while working at KFW?

To continue being an integral part of the success and growth of our company and expand my professional job knowledge and expertise along the way.

Kristin's co-workers at KFW said the following:

“Kristin holds immense institutional knowledge at KFW and connects so much of the activity at the New Braunfels Office.” ”
“Kristin is a huge help in tracking projects and making sure everything gets submitted and pushed through as it should.” ”

A glimpse into Kristin's life

Outside of work, Kristin enjoys being creative with plant projects and spending time with her kiddos, who are her pride and joy! Konnor (17), Penelope (9), & Vayda (5). She couldn’t have done it without her amazing and supportive husband, Joe, with whom they celebrated 10 years together on June 23rd.

Recently, Kristin, her husband, and her son had their first missionary trip to Belize, where they helped build a church!

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