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Brett LaPlante - Employee Spotlight!


Upon graduating college, Brett LaPlante was introduced to the engineering industry by a family friend who provided a position for him. However, after the company had experienced hardships, Brett decided to move back home to Houston, where he then heard about KFW, which prompted him to move to San Antonio. Brett is currently working towards his PE License and is developing his leadership skills in his new role as an Assistant Project Manager.

What do you like most about civil engineering?

I like being able to actually go out and visit the completed projects that I've worked on. It's amazing seeing families live in neighborhoods that I've designed.

Do you have any hobbies?

My hobbies outside of work are playing/watching hockey and anything to do with motorsports. I'm also currently trying to learn guitar.

Any advice for the aspiring civil engineer?

Always be willing and open to learning. Even if it's a subject, you may already know a lot about. In addition, everyone has different approaches and methods that may be able to give you an even greater understanding of a subject.

Do you have a favorite quote?

I’ve always liked Donald H. McGannon's quote: 'Leadership is action, not position.'

What are your goals while working at KFW?

My goal here is to get licensed as a professional engineer and to become well-rounded in all aspects of what we do.

Position: Assistant Project Manager
Years at KFW: 4 Years
Favorite part about working at KFW: My favorite thing about KFW is how everyone is willing to help each other. I feel it creates an environment that is very conducive to learning which is perfect for anyone who wants to learn and grow professionally.

Brett's co-workers at KFW said the following:

Brett has stepped up to the plate to lead our team in various projects. He continues to do the heavy lifting in design work, has adopted new leadership roles placed upon him, and has dedicated much time to training our team to become better engineers & designers. Thanks Brett!
Brett has been a great teacher and leader. I can always count on him. Thank you, Brett!

More about Brett
Outside of work, Brett enjoys spending quality family time with his wife, Raven, and three dogs, Xennah, Rio, and Neeko!