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Happy CAD Day!


What is Auto CAD?

Computer-aided design, commonly known as Auto CAD, is a computer-aided tool that allows many different types of designers to create diverse drawings and designs. AutoCAD can create any 2D drawing and 3D model or construction that can be drawn by hand, in a fraction of the time thanks to its quick and easy design features.

Who uses Auto CAD?

Various kinds of designers are most likely to use the program yet it’s most common in design-centered fields, like architecture and engineering. However, many other professions, such as fine artists, fashion designers, interior designers, mechanical drafters and mathematicians, may use the program to create visuals for their work. At KFW, our Engineers, CAD Technicians, and CAD Designers in our engineering and surveying departments use this program on the daily.

KFW CAD Technicians Megan Warren, Joey Sonora, Topher Mendoza, and April Bratton share their experiences and insight to their positions:

When were you first exposed to CAD Design?

“I took a class in my freshman or sophomore year of HS called ‘Engineering Graphics’. In that class, we were introduced to both hand drafting and Auto CAD.” -Megan Warren

“At UTSA for a class needed for my Major in Civil Engineering.” -Joey Sonora

“When I was a little kid my dad worked for a mapping company. I pretty much grew up around CAD software.” -Topher Mendoza

What about CAD design was enticing as a career?

“ I enjoy being able to be a part of the design process – being able to see ideas drawn on paper and put them into the computer, then see them ‘come to life’ when they are constructed.” -Megan Warren

“The ability to design anything needed for construction. I had a construction background so I knew the importance of precision, planning, and detail, to make the project as efficient as possible.” -Joey Sonora

“I used to be an engineering tech, and what drew me to that was the idea that we were able to design something and someone would just go out and build it based on what we calculated and drew up.” -Topher Mendoza

“As a kid, I was always fascinated with home and building design.” -April Bratton

Knowing that many artists also use Auto CAD, do you feel like even in a field such as Engineering you are an artist of sorts?

“Yes, all CAD projects are pieces of artwork that are made to portray a story and showcase the things that are important.” –Joey Sonora

“I used to work as a graphic designer, and today, in my current job, 3D modeling surfaces sometimes scratches the artistic itch.” –Topher Mendoza

“CAD people are artists. We take the engineers vision and ‘put it to paper’.” –Megan Warren

Do you have any design experience or in other digital programs?

“Yes, I used to design architectural blueprints for custom residential homes.” –Joey Sonora

“Revit, Cyclone, LP360, ReCap, Microstation… ArcMap (This I only include because we were part of the team that input our CAD designs into CPS’s GIS system. They have whole system set up for engineering companies to input their designs for both their mapping purposes and cost estimation.)” -Topher Mendoza

“The only other digital program I have any personal experience with is Microstation V8 – that knowledge is very limited.” -Megan Warren

What are your favorite and most challenging parts about Auto CAD Design?

“The ability to create and portray a design that will be used as the foundation of construction projects.” –Joey Sonora

“They’re a dozen different ways to just about anything, and I really enjoy creative solutions to weird CAD problems.” -Topher Mendoza

“Everything, I really love drawing and designing things and seeing how everything begins. I still prefer drawing by hand, but seeing how much can be done in CAD today compared to when I started in the late ‘90’s is awesome” -April Bratton

Ctrl + V Auto CAD to Your Resume!

Similar to other design programs, AutoCAD can be a self-taught skill. Some people seeking knowledge on AutoCAD use the student version of AutoCAD from the popular source Autodesk. Others use similar online classes, videos, tutorials, and AutoCAD-focused books, simply resourced from the internet. Most people that have used a learning software, estimate that it takes at least a year to fully learn AutoCAD.