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FACE-ing Poverty With the Children's Hunger Fund


KFW Foundation presents their first-ever check of $2,000 to the Children's Hunger Fund in efforts to support CHF's mission to deliver hope to suffering children by FACE-ing poverty.
Feed, Aid, Connect, Equipt.

Discovering their Mission

In January of 2021, KFW Management, LLC. was officially granted 501 (c)(3) status to establish the KFW Foundation. By promoting education, ending poverty, and supporting individuals with disabilities, the KFW Foundation focuses to enhance the community we help engineer.

The foundation's mission to alleviate poverty came from the heart-filled recommendations of KFW associates. When hearing about the Children’s Hunger Fund's mission to help suffering children, we were tempted to learn more.

CHF was kind enough to welcome KFW Foundation with open arms into their facility. Touring the facility was the perfect way to learn about their many initiatives. This staff of 13 accepts all ages and groups of volunteers. Through their relational mercy ministry, they use the box of food as a tool to build a relationship with the child and family in an effort to encourage self-sustainability.

KFW Foundation's Kick Off

In April of 2021, KFW Foundation hosted its first fundraising event. It was here where the foundation was able to show its support for the Children's Hunger Fund. Learn more about the fun-filled day here: KFW Foundation Kick-Off

Project Food Pak at KFW

On Friday, April 30th, KFW Associates donated their time during lunch to participate in our in-house Food Pak event. One pack is enough food to feed a child for a week. With supplies provided by KFW, associates from San Antonio and New Braunfels were able to collectively pack 50 boxes worth of food.

Volunteering at the Warehouse

Our next volunteer contribution was set for May 8th at the Children's Hunger Fund warehouse. KFW Volunteers were encouraged to bring family and friends to attend. This two-hour morning event consisted of multiple workstations to include folding boxes, packing/tapping, and filling Food Paks. In conclusion KFW Foundation and other organizations boxed over 400 Food Paks for children and families in Cuba. We ended the day by presenting the 50 filled Paks to CHF from our KFW in-house event.

Check Presentation

With even more volunteers, KFW returned to volunteer at the warehouse on Saturday, June 5th. We were able to pack a total of 700 Food Paks. This also marked the Foundation's first official check presentation with funds raised at KFW Foundation's Kick Off.

Impacting Our Volunteers

Our Foundation's volunteers left with a humbling perspective and new appreciation in mind. Here's what they had to say about their experiences:

I really enjoyed working with the Children's Hunger Fund. I especially enjoyed the opportunity to bring my daughter. This was a tangible way for us to feel connected to the work we're doing at the KFW Foundation and it was an excellent example to set for my daughter. In our daily routines, it can be difficult to remember that not everyone has what they need, even in our own communities. The CHF has an inspiring mission and is a great organization! - Megan Smith
I spoke with one of the volunteer organizers who seemed pretty passionate about the CHF organization. I've personally known people struggling with poverty and it's great to see organizations help people out of this. - Omar Espinoza
I enjoyed the friendly competition we put into folding boxes. We had a team of boxers- people who would fully fold the cardboard into boxes, and a team of creasers- people who would pre-crease the edges. We kept chanting 'We da boxers!' & 'We da creasers!'- Justin Johns
I like how CHF not only delivers food but helps create a mentor for the children to look up to. -Ryan Oxenreiter

How You Can Take the Next Step

KFW Foundation continues to support the Children's Hunger Fund through volunteering or fundraising. Check out our Fiesta Medal Sale here to contribute to KFW Foundation in support of Morgan's Wonderland and the Children's Hunger Fund.

Interested in helping CHF? Click below to participate in their projects!