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Intern to E.I.T.

We’re celebrating National Intern Day by reflecting on all of the awesome people KFW has been fortunate enough to meet through internships. More than a few of those relationships grew into full time employment with KFW, and we couldn’t be happier about retaining these hard working professionals!

Click below to read more about a few of KFW’s Interns who became EITs.

KFW rocks! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to intern here, not only during the summers but also during my semesters at UTSA. I am grateful for KFW's flexibility and support while I was a student because I was able to acquire so much experience before coming into the field full time. – Nicole Alatorre, Intern turned EIT

KFW is proud to have a robust internship program that has been in operation since 2013. Every summer we look forward to welcoming local college students who are looking to gain a competitive edge in the industry. We welcome the fresh air these incoming young minds bring to our drafting tables.

In our local market the competition is high, so Internships are a must for a college resume; needless to say we’re glad they chose to learn at KFW. We value our Interns & want them to stay on our teams post-grad. Currently 12 employees have transitioned from Intern to EIT at KFW.


We spoke to Omar Rodriguez & Moses Kabasele about their

Intern to EIT experience:


  1. How long were you an Intern before coming on board full time?
    • Omar: 3 months.
    • Moses: I was an Intern for a little over a year.

  2. Did you ever Intern anywhere else?
    • Omar: No, KFW was my only internship.
    • Moses: I was really enjoying my internship experience here, so I never really had the need to Intern anywhere else.

  3. What is the biggest difference between Intern and EIT at KFW?
    • Omar: As an Intern I spent more time learning from co-workers and getting their knowledge of the land development industry. Now as an EIT I get more exposure to designing.
    • Moses: The biggest difference, in my opinion, between an Intern and an EIT are the expectations. During my internship, I felt that it was made clear that school was the priority. While I was expected to make contributions to the team, my role was mostly that of learning. After graduating and becoming an EIT, the expectation is that you start to complete tasks in a quicker and much more efficient manner.

  4. How was your experience as an Intern?
    • Omar: Extraordinary! I was able to learn and get a good idea on what to expect once I graduated from college.
    • Moses: My Intern experience at KFW was very good. Prior to my internship, I had 0 experience using engineering software of any kind. I had heard of AutoCAD, but I never had the chance to use it. At the end of my internship I had a working knowledge on how to navigate AutoCAD, and use programs such as HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, and ArcMaps. Along with the technical skills, I quickly learned that many of my co-workers took the same professors that I was taking at the time, and were able to help me academically in those classes. It was truly an all-around beneficial experience.


Ultimately, it’s great to see those around us succeed. We have worked hard on the internship program to create a place where great careers start for our field’s youngest minds. When an EIT who has gone through the Internship program continues the legacy of educating our new Interns it builds our generational wealth of knowledge and comradery at KFW.


We are happy to be a provider of hands-on experience for local high school/college students, and there’s no better compliment than an Engineer trusting us with their career!