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KFW Adapts to Working from Home

How KFW is adapting, staying positive, and keeping teams productive during the COVID-19 pandemic.

 KFW Thoughts & Thanks

One thing the San Antonio design & engineering industry have in common is great leadership. When local companies are faced with a challenge, we are united in our ability to adapt and stay positive. Our Employees, Clients, and Projects are so important to KFW that we worked hard to find the best solution, fast.

Our employees are working from home, team meetings have moved to video conferences, and thankfully projects are still bustling in despite the social distancing circumstances. We could not have successfully implemented these safety changes without our stellar team members. This sudden change stresses the importance of great staff and managers who express their duty of leadership and take action.

  • We would like to thank our Project Managers, for being the strength for our teams during this uncertain time. There is a lot of changes happening, and we leaned on the leadership of our Project Managers to tether the teams to the KFW family. They took lead on guiding their teams with best ideas of how to move forward, what working remote should look like, and keeping their teams close by touching base often.
  • We would like to thank our employees for being quick to adapt, positive thinkers, and for keeping our projects moving along successfully. They are keeping company morale high with their productive attitudes and quickly adapted to the work from home logistics.
  • We would like to thank our quick-to-act HR Generalist, Merri, who keeps our employees informed on the most recent policy updates from local and national government leaders. She breaks down the barrage of important information into simple and streamlined messages for employees and their families to truly understand each message and outcomes.
  • We would like to thank our Director of Infrastructure Services, Chris, who worked long hours to get all employees set up to work remote within two days of the local Work Safe announcement. We are happy to know our employees can remain productive in the safe environment of their homes.


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Working From Home - How is it Going?

We are all settling in to our new work from home lifestyles. Our staff expressed a few pros of working from home, like fast network connections. Communicating with our teams on newly installed software is shortening the distance between us and promotes connection among team members. The commute couldn’t be better, we are all saving so much time without traffic! And of course, more family time. We are getting to spend more time with our spouses, children, and loved ones.

There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind. – C.S. Lewis

We interviewed KFW Project Managers Matthew Hilbig, Bobby Torres, & Clayton Linney about working from home. This is what they had to say:


What did working from home make you realize about yourself?

  • I am so fortunate to have my family. Sometimes you take the most important things for granted.
  • Being an introvert, I still miss human interaction.
  • I never thought I could be productive working from home (too many distractions)…turns out I can!


What will you no longer take for granted when all staff are back at the office? 

  • To see everyone’s smiling faces!!!
  • Face to face communication.
  • Human interaction.


Keeping up Company Culture & Morale

As our Employees, Clients, & Social Media Followers know, KFW takes pride in being a company who focuses on a great company culture and diverse place to work. It's important that we kept up our fun-loving morale even though our employees are working from home. We adapted our usual fun & games to let our employees know our culture won't be lost during this momentary change. This month we created some "socially distant" engagement activities such as April Fools riddles, a Space Invader pixel art challenge, and a Furry Co-Workers photo submission to highlight the pets keeping our employees company.

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Our community shows its strength when our leadership is tested. We are overcoming these challenges together. KFW management & staff looks forward to seeing everyone at the office again soon.


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