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Inception of KFW University

KFW is excited to announce our new training & professional development program - KFW University. Click below to read more about how it got started and more about the program.

 As KFW grows in numbers, our capacity for professional development grows with it. Our employees desire for growth and leadership opportunities is immense, so we incorporated a formal training program!

First, we surveyed our employees over the course of a few weeks to collect ideas about what topics they wanted training on. We wanted our employee's suggestions to be the basis of our direction, utilizing their ideas and needs to be the foundation of the curriculum. Then, once we received their input on subject matter, we sat down to organize all of this information into a useful manner. By separating & categorizing their survey answers into topics, we were then able to sort the class objectives based on need. The topics that got the most requests, i.e. CAD and Team Management, received the most attention on the schedule.

One of the questions on the survey asked our employees if they would volunteer to teach a training course. We were overwhelmed with the positive response and number of employees who felt confident with their knowledge on each individual topic, and wanted to give that back to their KFW peers. Once the schedule was created with class topics, KFW department Directors were able to choose instructors based on their expertise in the relevant subject matter. This allowed our thought leaders at KFW to share their peer-verified knowledge and skills with the class attendees.

It is important that KFW University remains relevant by engaging a large number of employees and encouraging them to attend all 12 classes. This idea ensures a majority of our employee base is operating under the unified messages that are portrayed in class. Employees across all organizational levels and departments are encouraged to attend.  

Even though the topic that month might not pertain to their job specifically, we wanted everyone to get a better understanding of what each other's jobs include. The more you know about what other people do, the better you can be at working alongside them. - Blaine Lopez, Partner

KFW University was officially announced and the schedule was distributed in November of 2019. Our office was buzzing with questions and excitement about what 2020 had in store! It was rewarding to see the high level of interest that spanned organizational levels and left no position out of the student body.

This type of attention toward continuing education at KFW creates buzz around the office about skill development. It gets people talking about the ways they can learn to be better, faster, or more understanding about what they do and what people in different positions do.

We are excited to see KFW University off the ground running in its first year. As the educational program progresses, it will take shape and become a pillar of employment and culture at KFW.