We Move for Inclusion - Employee Involvement in the Morgan's Wonderland Snowball 5K

KFW emphasizes volunteerism and philanthropy, and in 2019 we enacted a new way to get involved in our Morgan's Wonderland partnership.



Sponsoring the Snowball 5K was a new venture for us and we were very glad to see our employees get on board.

In addition to our corporate sponsorship, our employees tackled the challenge of raising $5,000 through their personal networks and creative inter-office raffles. We are excited to announce that not only did our employees reach our $5,000 fundraising goal, but they surpassed it to raise over $6,800 for the mission of inclusion. This effort earned us the highest fundraising team award, announced at the dance party after the 5k.

We are extremely proud of our employees for rising to this challenge and far surpassing our expectations of participation and excitement.

KFW Engineers & Surveying has been a longtime partner and wonderful supporter of Morgan’s Wonderland and our mission of inclusion. Thank you for sponsoring the Snowball 5K/1K and believe in the power of inclusive play. – Morgan’s Wonderland