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New UAV Mapping Services

Meet our newest team members, the eBeeX & Phantom 4 RTK - Built for surveyors taclking this new generation of work.

  • Orthomosaic raster
  • Contour lines
  • Digital Surface Model
  • 3D point cloud
  • RTK vertical & horizontal positioning accuracy


           Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology is uncontested in providing superior project data & has propelled our surveying capabilities onto the next level of client-first service. These two machines fit into any workflow to capture versatile land data in an instant.

           The eBeeX is an excellent tool for large projects flying high & fast over your tract’s features. This instrument is capable of flying autonomously which tightens up job safety while reducing field crew costs. This UAV remotely communicates the flight data to our technicians in the office increasing productivity & time spent on assessing your project’s data. eBeeX takes 1 photo every second & stitches them together to ultimately create an orthophoto mosaic. A wide variety of survey products can be pulled from this mosaic; recent examples include improvement linework that’s AutoCAD extractable, & stockpile volumes for cost estimation.

eBeeX2                   eBeeX1

           An Orthophoto, or aerial photos that are geometrically corrected and aligned to a uniform scale which creates a mosaic image, couples each instant with the last allowing us to see a single, uniform image. Simultaneously, this UAV records a digital surface model (DSM) of the unique terrain features. Then, the orthophoto is draped over the DSM, or elevation surface, to create a complete 3D product.

            The Phantom 4 RTK is our precision-oriented option for maneuvering through & around difficult-to-gather, or unsafe, land data. This quadcopter can navigate through tighter conditions & between smaller obstructions that the high-flying eBeeX could not penetrate. Mobility & optical precision make this UAV valuable for those fine-tuned data sets your project requires. Photo & video capabilities paired with autonomous flight options ensures we can capture even the most creative project data. With real-time kinematic (RTK) positioning, this smart tool is capable of recording centimeter-level accuracy improving post-processing workflow. KFW prides ourselves in the precision of our product, that sets us apart from market standards, and this UAV is elevating our expectation of quality even further.

Phantom 4 RTK

            This complimentary duo of UAV equipment ensures we have a diverse toolbox when stepping onto a job. We are very excited to announce our new UAV mapping services with confidence that our Client-first attitude will pair well with this cutting-edge technology.

Need to know more? Please give us a call to see how we can provide mapping solutions for your project – no matter how large or small.

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