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Surveyors Week 2018


KFW Celebrated National Surveyors Week 2018 right with snacks, happy hour, and breakfast tacos! Click below for photos & to read a personal take on Land Surveying.

Candy bags & cookie trays at the beginning of the week got everyone off to a sweet start.

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Employees were invited to a happy hour at Freetail Brewery after work, and of course breakfast tacos came to revive them the next morning.


One of our Survey Project Managers, Jay Janisse, RPLS, gave us some food for thought. He answers the question:

What is Land Surveying?

  1. It is the experience of being both physical and technical at the same time.
  2. It is performing outside in the elements and understanding the technology of our tools and how best to apply them to be as efficient as possible.
  3. It is the hunt for treasure. (The boundary corners)
  4. It is following history and trying to understand the why and the how of the surveyors that had been there before.
  5. It is working in freezing weather on top of snow covered peaks, working on cool sandy beaches, working in scorching desert sands, or in the middle of busy city streets.
  6. It is understanding Land Law and the technicalities of boundary analyzation.
  7. It is a partnership with Engineers and land owners, as they rely on our product in order to move forward with theirs.
  8. It is a rough and tumble group that crash through the terrain everyday brushing off rattlers, wasps, poison oak, and angry land owners.
  9. Land Surveying is one of the oldest known professions, and whether it’s performed by ancient Egyptians or presidents like Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, or Roosevelt, or by a bunch of Indian fighters blazing a trail West that will never be remembered, it has and will continue to be a shaping force for our land and how we develop it.

We are extremely thankful to our Partner, Teresa Seidel, and her staff for maintaining a top of the line Land Surveying company that we are proud to brag about.


Below are a few quotes from our Surveying staff about why they were interested in the Surveying profession.



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