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ACE Mentorship - How's It Going?

Key components to staying active within the community are consistency in outreach, and participation. Click below to read about two of our Engineers' role in San Antonio's ACE Mentorship Program.

By providing the opportunity to interact with working Engineers, ACE Mentorship facilitates high school students in communicating with professionals who are currently shaping the field to execute a realistic project. Thanks to our  volunteers, Andres Vazquez, EIT, and Omar Espinosa, Asst. Project Manager, our company is more than excited to remain involved in a program that is instrumental in ushering high school students into college courses. ACE

Our Volunteers lead bi-weekly meetings with Highland High School students to guide them through their ACE Project. To begin the semester, students picked a city project they wanted to attempt. The purpose of this project is to teach students how to create a layout and plan engineering for various development types and sizes.


This group of students chose to engineer a proposed park within an existing residential area here in San Antonio. The park will have a walking trail and a basketball court. Andres reported that lately they have been focusing on drainage and layout concepts. Omar has taken charge of training the students on implementing LID practices, and teaching them how to use various computer programs necessary for success, such as Microsoft Excel and AutoCAD.


Since this after-school program is voluntary, these students' participation shows dedication toward taking extra steps for their scholastic and professional development. KFW is happy to be involved with ACE Mentorship, and we appreciate our volunteers Andres & Omar for staying active in our awesome San Antonio community.


Highlands HS