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Engineers Week 2018

To celebrate  Engineers Week 2018 KFW sponsored the TSPE Proclamation Breakfast, hosted local students from the Engineer-For-A-Day Program, and held a companywide team-building event. The week wrapped up with an internal scavenger hunt & raffle - congrats to our winners!

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Proclamation Breakfast

KFW is a proud sponsor of this year's Proclamation Breakfast hosted by the Bexar Chapter of TSPE. Alongside sponsorship, Bryan Heiner, Project Manager, and Jizella San Andres, EIT, attended the breakfast along with students from local high schools who also participated in the Engineer-For-A-Day Program.

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We were very excited to participate in this job-shadow event! Our awesome Project Manager, Bryan Heiner, hosted a group of high school students interested in continuing their education in the Engineering field. Bryan and Jizella San Andres, EIT, gave students an in-depth explanation of what it is like to be an Engineer, while also showing students the wide variety of work Engineers are capable of. Employees from our Commercial, Residential, and Public Sector departments shared a little bit about what they do with the group of visiting students.

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Team Building Event

We wanted to mix up the daily routine with a companywide team building event! Randomly selected team mates were asked to build a Spaghetti Tower & participate in a Mine Field Memory game. The Spaghetti Tower was a structural challenge with construction supplies being 30 spaghetti noodles, a strip of masking tape, and a string - judges were looking for the tallest structure that could support a jumbo marshmallow. The Mine Field Memory gave players a chance to test their wit by picking a pair of boxes in hopes of uncovering two matching objects. "Explosive" mines and lucky raffle tickets hidden amongst the matching objects added a level of intensity (and volume!) to the game. The winning team received raffle tickets for better chances in our Morgan's Wonderland raffle at the end of the week.

Stick-Figure Partners Scavenger Hunt

This week-long scavenger hunt made lunch time more exciting with breakroom activities and friendly competition! Employees were encouraged to keep their eyes peeled for photos of our Stick-Figure Partners hidden around KFW Headquarters. Each Stick-Figure Partner you found counted as one raffle ticket in the Morgan's Wonderland raffle taking place Friday afternoon.

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Friday Raffle & Golf Tournament

A few of our Engineers escaped from the work week and competed in the TSPE Golf Tournament. We couldn't miss the opportunity to support our commitment to Morgan's Wonderland - so we wrapped up Engineers Week with a raffle for our employees! Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you for participating.