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Andy Carruth - Employee Spotlight!

Andy Carruth is a recently-promoted Assistant Project Manager working on our Commercial Team. Andy is a cornerstone for his projects, always making sure Client's needs are met and that the project keeps moving forward. 

1. Why did you choose Civil Engineering?

I chose engineering because I was good at math and science. Started out in aerospace engineering but landed in civil engineering and feel it was a good fit for me. I like what I do every day for a job the majority of the time and if I had to do it over again would start with Civil and have saved some college credits.


2. What do you like most about Civil Engineering?

I enjoy civil engineering because at the end of the day what you’ve put your time and effort into has produced something physical that you can look at, like a road or building. It's nice to be able to visit the sites afterwards and know that your time staring at paper and a computer screen has had a small part in creating something tangible. It gives a feeling of accomplishment that I think a lot of other jobs outside of the construction industry don’t offer.


3. Before working at KFW, what was the most unusual or interesting job you've had?

Nothing to exciting, luckily never had to work in retail or customer service. I have been working in the construction industry ever since getting out of College and in high school I would mow lawns as my job.


4. What would you tell yourself at age 13?

Work on social skills and put yourself out there. I hate talking with new people and being the center of attention but sometimes its something you have to do.


5. Any advice for the aspiring Civil Engineer?

Its important to be competent at math and science but one of the most crucial parts of our job is interacting with other people- be they customers or city reviewers. Being able to communicate with people and be involved in the community are what brings in business. The smartest engineer in the world can't design anything if he doesn’t have any jobs or clients.


6. Do you have a favorite quote?

"The smarter you get the less you speak."


Andy recently passed his P.E. exam - Congratulations Andy!


Fast Facts:

  • Position: Assistant Project Manager
  • Years with KFW: 5 years on March 1st!
  • Favorite thing about KFW: KFW seems to put the Employees and Customers first which is refreshing.

san antonio spurs


Andy has 1 cat, 1 dog, and 6 fish. In his free time he enjoys watching the Spurs win and the Aggie lose.


Andy's work ethic and attitude is a great asset to our team. He always goes out of his way to provide great service to our Clients, Consultants, Contractors, and peers! - Billy Classen, Partner