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NEW Extended 3D Scanning Services!

KFW Surveying has added the BLK 360 Scanner to supplement the already powerful P40 Scanning services.

High, low, pitch black, or hard to reach – this scanner captures all of the detailed areas and hard to reach spaces your project might have.

        NEW EXTENDED 3D SCANNING SERVICES! KFW Surveying has added the Leica BLK 360 Scanner to supplement our already powerful P40 scanner. This new piece of equipment adds to KFW’s high-tech profile by escalating our ability to capture precise data from the job site. The palm-sized BLK360 is an easily maneuverable piece of equipment that allows our field crew to gather exact measurements in tight or hard to reach spaces. With this new piece of equipment, a full 360-degree image is created in just under 4 minutes.


        The BLK 360 is on the forefront of survey technology because it has the ability to eliminate “noise,” such as passing cars or pedestrians, in post-processing, giving you a clearer view of the road or terrain. The scanner communicates with external appliances, such as a tablet, to get a real time view of the scanned area. Instant rendering allows the field crew to plan out their next setup location, which optimizes time and data collection in the field. The BLK 360 can also be used in “free scan” mode where no external device is needed to obtain a high-quality scan.

 lblk360 mirror 800x600

        The scan, taken on-site, is later imported into Cyclone software at the office. Cyclone constructs the point cloud data from the scan, which assigns an X/Y/Z location for up to 80-million points. Cyclone allows our survey technicians to then maneuver through the point cloud, measure exact distances and angles, and produce an exact rendering for the Client. We now have the technology to export the Cyclone point cloud to AutoCAD software which expedites the design stages or recreation of on-site improvements. We are also able to generate videos or images with Cyclone, producing a “flythrough” of the site and providing field crews with supplemental information. Cyclone can also stitch the image taken with the P40 scanner together with the BLK360 supplemental scan and together they create a full-project rendering with maximum detail.


        The BLK 360’s small size and 360-degree scanning capabilities improve KFW Surveying’s efficiency by fitting into tighter work spaces and creating more detailed scans. With remote control of the machine, our field crews can set the BLK 360 in tight spaces inaccessible by standard equipment. The scanner can record data from 2-feet up to 200-feet away. With the infrared laser onboard, the BLK360 also works in the dark, making it the perfect solution for scanning compact areas, such as small closets or machinery rooms.


        Using both the BLK 360 and P40 point clouds gathered on-site, we create robust image files with unmatched detail for our Clients. This innovative technology adds versatility to KFW’s project scope, and we are excited to move forward in our efforts to better service you.

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