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4th Annual UTSA Engineering BBQ Cookoff


KFW rocked this year's BBQ Cookoff!

KFW rocked this year’s BBQ Cookoff thanks to one of our team members and current UTSA student, Eduardo Soto, and a group of fellow volunteers. Firing up the grill at midnight, Eduardo cooked brisket, ribs and chicken overnight to impress this year’s crowd. It was great to have KFW volunteers barbeque and support UTSA Engineering. Thank you Eduardo and all KFW volunteers for keeping us involved in our community (and this DELICIOUS event)!

BBQ Cookoff

It was a great weekend filled with BBQ for a fundraiser that is really making a difference in the UTSA College of Engineering. Although we did not place, I always strive to represent KFW as effectively as possible because I know that as a student, first impressions mean a lot! With the help of all the volunteers, we handed BBQ samples to over 300 people within 3 hours. Big thanks to KFW for wanting to participate in such a great event!” – Eduardo Soto