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3D Laser Scanning Services!

Point cloud rendering of KFW Headquarters, taken with Leica ScanStation P40


Did you know KFW offers 3D Laser Scanning Services? Our Leica ScanStation P40 can be used for spatial data collection in a multitude of industries and can reduce time spent onsite by 50 to 70 percent! This invaluable tool ensures the avoidance of costly mistakes by identifying any deviations from design before they impact your schedule and budget- saving you time and money!

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 This amazing advancement in measurement technology is able to produce extremely clear renderings, or point clouds, which adapts to an infinite number of project environments.


KFW utilizes the 3D laser scanning Leica ScanStation P40 for spatial data collection for a multitude of applications and industries. It’s an invaluable tool – reducing the time spent onsite by 50 to 70 percent in turn reducing labor costs and providing a point cloud that the Client may use to do all the of the work from their computer(s) without sending another crew to the field.

Leica ScanSataion P40

Image courtesy of: http://leica-geosystems.com/en-us/products/laser-scanners/scanners

With any new construction, our 3D laser scanning technology would ensure the Client avoids costly mistakes by identifying any deviations from design before they impact their schedule and budget – building deviances not visible to the naked eye are captured by our 3D lasers scanners even after extensive demolition. In new construction, we can scan for concrete flatness, quality assurance, quickly and accurately document as-is conditions for rebuilds and retrofits, and more.


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