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Salar Ranjbar - Employee Spotlight!

Salar Ranjbar is a tenacious Engineer-In-Training on our Residential Team who completes his heavy work load with dedication to accurate design and strong team-coordination.

 1. Why did you choose Civil Engineering?

I've always enjoyed problem solving and going through the iterative design process. Despite that, I was pretty indecisive about where to take my career. I decided to study both Architecture and Civil Engineering at Texas Tech University (Guns Up!!) to see which would be a better fit for me. I ended up enjoying both disciplines in their own way but ultimately gravitated more towards Civil Engineering. One reason that pushed me over the edge was the amount of control an Engineer has over his/her design. With Architecture, you cannot always execute your vision due to constraints such as budgets, client preferences, etc... However, as a Civil Engineer you have one goal: create a practical and efficient design. You can go about it however you please, most of your work will be underground and out of sight anyway.


2. What do you like most about Civil Engineering?

Civil Engineers build the foundation that allows cities to thrive and grow. We designed that awesome cul-de-sac from your childhood, the water lines that let you take an ice cold shower after a long day at the river, and the roads that lead to your favorite bar. What's not to love about that?


3. Before working at KFW, what was the most unusual or interesting job you've ever had?

I couldn't find a job right out of college due to the recession so I had to improvise to keep the loan sharks at bay. I was lucky enough to meet an awesome couple looking to build their very first home and somehow convinced them to pick me as their designer (despite having no real world experience). My education gave me a good foundation to work off of, but I had to do a lot of self teaching to familiarize myself with local building code and the submittal process. It was hard work but after a few months I got the job done and learned a ton in the process. Their home was built soon after that without issue!


 Salar's 3D model of the completed design.

4. What are your hobbies outside of work?

Even though I didn't pursue Architecture, I still love to be creative once in a while. Whether that be drawing, creating 3D models, or photography. At the bottom of this post you can see examples of some of the art Salar has created.


5. Any advice for the aspiring Civil Engineer?

It's important to get a good grasp of the curriculum, but there are other things that can make you a great Engineer and further your career. Get yourself out of your comfort zone and talk to people you normally don't talk to. Practice speaking in different environments and don't worry about taking a few seconds to organize your thoughts before you do. You will be surprised at how much more impact your words will have on the people around you. Also, become a good writer, you will be sending a lot of e-mails!


Salar recently passed his P.E. exam and will soon be submitting his applicaton for licensure! Congratulations Salar!


Fast Facts:

  • Position: Engineer-In-Training
  • Years with KFW: 2+
  • Favorite thing about KFW: We have a fantastic group of talented people working here. My colleagues are humble and full of advice, the atmosphere allows you to be yourself, and at the end of the day we get things done!



Salar enjoys creative design and photography, check out some of his awesome work!