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The Guys Behind KFW's Mentorship Program

A joint interivew with Andres Vazquez & Chris Garza highlighting our awesome leaders behind the Mentorship Program here at KFW.


 1. What made you realize KFW needed a Mentorship Program?

It made sense to come up with a mentorship program that would help the intern during the school-to-work transition because we understand the demands from college while striving to perform well as an intern at the same time. As the company continues to grow, we are hoping to provide a more structured program that can allow future interns to succeed in both the workplace and in school.


2. What are your goals for interns in the program?

  • The ultimate goal for the mentorship program is to smoothly transfer a college student into a high-performance employee.
  • We do not want to push them or exhaust them.
  • We want the intern to enjoy coming to work and also excel in school.

We want an intern to become familiar with AutoCAD and the submittal processes within the land development field. The intern will start with modifying plans, septic design, and scanning and printing documents. Learning these small tasks are the building blocks for their future development as an Engineer.


It feels great to contribute into someone's future and to this company." - Andres Vazquez


3. Andres & Chris explain 5 factors to having a sucessful internship:

  • Time Management: Studying to become a Civil Engineer, while having an internship 15-20 hours a week is no easy task. It’s important to properly layout your school and work schedule to be successful in both environments.
  • Responsibility & Accountability both fall hand in hand. Make responsible decisions inside and outside the office, and be accountable for what you say and do.
  • Communication: Don’t put yourself in a box. Feel free to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinions when assisting on projects.
  • Initiative: Use school to improve yourself inside the office, and take what you learn in the office to make yourself a better student. A lot of the school curriculum within the civil engineering program can set a solid foundation for becoming a great Civil Engineer. Also, don’t be afraid to make a decision when working on projects; sometimes you have to start to realize there is a better alternative. In other words, you just have to try.


4. Your program will influence the future Engineers of KFW. How does that feel?

It feels great to contribute into someone’s future and to this company. Seeing the transformation of an intern into a successful full time employee is a great feeling. The interns we hire have the potential to become great Engineers, and to be able to play a small part in their career growth is an awesome feeling.


The ultimate goal for the mentorship program is to smoothly transfer a college student into a high-performance employee. - Chris Garza