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A "Groundbreaking" Art

Rebecca Seiler is an administrative team member at KFW, as well as a talented artist, who has continually opened our eyes to the world of art and its link with the work of civil engineers. Rebecca is involved in events throughout San Antonio where she is often commissioned to paint, or she is found participating in events with a local art group—Death From A Brush. “With brushes in hand, we share our talents locally and encourage artists of every nature to come together as an artist community to spread the love of art,” said Rebecca.

People don’t typically associate civil engineers with an artistic community. When thinking of civil engineers, we may envision a community of logical thinkers with an aptitude for difficult calculations and a perpetual need for more and more spreadsheets.

However, artistic expression comes in a variety of forms—such as a vision come to life on a canvas or to life from the ground up.

“When I create artwork, I like to be a part of the beginning processes just as much as the ending. The world around me inspires my work,” said Rebecca.

At KFW, we build the foundation to transform a piece of land into something incredible. Like a work of art, each project is different, with its own story and vision. Using our in-house Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Department, we expand beyond simple two-dimensional imagery and generate three-dimensional imagery to make the indivisible visible and allow you to see a planned or proposed development within the context of existing infrastructure. We use GIS to tell the story of a vacant land’s past, present, and future—giving it a life of its own.

“What I love most is coming up with a solution to a problem,” said Rebecca. Fortunately, Rebecca is in good company. Our Engineers & Technicians thrive on tackling challenging problems to resolve conflicts and avoid costly design changes during construction. They work within the guidelines of codes and standards, but they take on design challenges that require dynamic thinking and creativity. Read more about one of our custom civil drainage projects  here.

San Antonio is a city of artists, innovators, and visionaries. KFW is happy to have a team that embodies these qualities with the creativity and talent to transform a piece of land into an office space, a subdivision, a stadium, and more – adding to the life of the city that we call home.